Document Management

Document Management

The Paperless Office
      Save time. Save space. Save money

Consider the power you would have if you could:
• physically rearrange your paper files in your filing cabinets with the push of a button
• locate a file using only a word or phrase
• have multiple people access the same physical file at the same time

Many small and medium-sized businesses are fed up with huge stacks of paper piling up. These companies are tired of filing cabinets taking up much needed and expensive office space.

The time required to organize, file, retrieve, and re-file paperwork costs businesses many millions of dollars each year. Even more frightening are the costs incurred due to the estimated 7% of lost paperwork that most organizations suffer. Luckily, filing cabinets and the conventional methods of paper management are becoming a thing of the past.

Premier Computer Solutions, LLC has partnered with Basys Corporation to implement Digital DocmanTM Document Management System. Until now, document management systems have been out of reach of many small to mid-sized companies. DocMan is less expensive and much more flexible and functional than the solutions available in the past. Digital DocMan will help you reduce many of your costs, while allowing you to be more productive and efficient. The system is extremely versatile in managing your business information to optimize your effectiveness and can be customized to work the way you want it to work.

Premier Computer Solutions, LLC will do an in-depth analysis of your business to design a solution that matches the way you currently work. By tailoring the system to your needs, we create an intuitive solution that has a very little learning curve. Regardless of computer experience, users are trained and working with DocMan in almost no time at all.

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