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PCS Mail Protection is our comprehensive hosted anti-spam, email security, and continuity service that works in tandem with your existing email infrastructure. It ensures the optimal filtering of unwanted or harmful messages while also providing you with assurance that you can continue to access and respond to email even when your own email system is off-line.

Our PCS Mail Protection service provides all of these benefits:

Network Defense
Almost all spam and email threats can be blocked before they reach your network – reducing risk, freeing up network bandwidth and easing mail server load.

Zero-hour Virus Protection
Block new or emerging "zero-hour" virus threats before those threats can be detected by traditional signature-based antivirus solutions.

Inbound Spam Filtering
Improve productivity of bandwidth, servers and employees by reducing the volume of junk email being processed by mail servers and end-users, compared to software-based anti-spam solutions.

Users can continue accessing, responding to, and sending email messages, even in the event of an on-premise network, Internet, or electrical outage. Email is queued by the service, and users can continue accessing or responding to those messages via the PCS Mail Protection Control Panel, even while the company’s mail server is off-line.

Directory Harvest Attack Prevention
Defend against spammers who attempt to deliver messages to a large number of valid and invalid email addresses at your domain.

Denial of Service (DoS) Prevention
Prevent SMTP-based DoS attacks by limiting and controlling inbound SMTP traffic from one or more given source IP addresses.

Hosted Individual Junk Mail Quarantines
PCS Mail Protection can retain detected spam messages in the Control Panel outside of the company's network, while allowing each user to access their own individual quarantine at any time to check for any genuine mail that may have been caught by the spam filters.

Individual Junk Mail Digest Reports
Users can view a convenient, automatically emailed summary of detected spam messages, with a link next to each message to allow the user to identify and release from the quarantine any potential false positives. The digest messages can be scheduled as infrequently as once per week or as frequently as three times per day.

Outbound Spam Filtering
Prevent inappropriate messages or attachments from being sent from your network or from a specific user, thereby protecting the company’s reputation. Unauthorized outbound email activity would alert administrators as to the presence of any infected workstations or 'zombie' machines, so that those systems can be addressed appropriately.

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