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Premier Computer Solutions offers a Managed Services program which is a complete shift in how technology support services are delivered. In the past, IT support was reactive in nature and based upon a time and materials model. If you noticed a problem or were experiencing downtime, you would call for support and were charged based on the amount of labor and equipment utilized to resolve the issue.

Our Managed Services approach allows us to support your organization’s technology through more proactive and responsive methods. Computer technology is critical for your business, but unexpected downtime can come at a cost well beyond the price tag to repair the issue. The loss of business and productivity are often overlooked true costs resulting from unplanned system downtime.

Utilizing the latest technologies, we can automate preventative functions like remote monitoring, alerting, and patch management. These features allow us to improve our remote network support services while reducing the need for many of the onsite visits of the past. This proactive approach allows us to improve the quality of the service provided, increase network uptime, and lessen the likelihood of significant network issues; all while reducing long-term IT support costs.

Our Managed Services program provides all of these benefits:

Improved Network Health Increases Productivity
  • Remotely address potential points of failure before they become critical events
  • Automated management of critical operating system and security patches improves stability
Improved Speed of Remediation Reduces Downtime
  • Low-level monitoring of network functions ensures complete knowledge of network performance
  • Addressing system-generated alerts before they become problems
  • 24x7 Network Monitoring and alerting improves response times (We know there’s a problem before you do!)
  • When an onsite visit is required, automatic alerts guarantee a rapid response
Reduced Vulnerabilities Increases Security
  • Security monitoring provides alerts on attempted network intrusions before there is a breach
  • Ban high-bandwidth usage games or illegal peer-to-peer file sharing that monopolizes business resources
  • Monitor and manage virus and spyware issues
  • Keep systems patched to ensure they’re up-to-date and secure
  • Address system vulnerabilities proactively before they are exploited by attackers
Reduced Vulnerabilities Increases Security
  • Network support costs can now be more accurately budgeted
  • Unlimited remote help desk support
  • Monthly Network Performance Reports provide visibility
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