Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

PCS offers 24x7 Network Monitoring, which turns conventional IT support on its head. Instead of waiting for you to notice that a system has failed, our 24x7 monitoring will alert us to problems at your site(s) so that we can fix it promptly and minimize costly downtime and business disruption.

Our 24x7 Network Monitoring checks your critical systems every five minutes. Whenever our service detects a problem, it sends an alert describing the exact nature of the issue directly to us. Our client monitoring dashboard, which shows us the status of all our clients’ systems, is instantly updated with details showing the specific point(s) of failure. Ultimately, these rapid alerts and system details allow us to pinpoint and resolve the failure(s) in much less time than would be possible in the traditional reactive break-fix support model.

What Does 24x7 Network Monitoring Check?

Our Network Monitoring service automatically performs the following system checks every five minutes:

  • Check that your server is up and running.
  • Check that you can connect to the Internet.
  • Check any or all of your network services and vital components of your server's operating system.
  • Test communication to and from various network devices that you need to do your work.
  • Check critical network protocols on your network, on other networks, or at your ISP. If any of these protocols are failing, you may be unable to connect and do your job.
  • Check disk space to ensure it’s below a set threshold
  • Check RAID devices to ensure that all disks are functioning correctly and data is safe.
Key Benefits
  • Specific, informative alerts show us the exact nature of the problem, allowing us to respond and fix it faster.
  • Problems are almost always brought to our attention before you even know that you have an issue, which provides you with maximized uptime.
  • Alerts are routed to the appropriate technician who can address the problem promptly and resolve it properly.
  • Alerts for mission-critical systems can be sent day or night.
The 24x7 Network Monitoring service takes just minutes to setup and won’t require system reboots. The service can be protecting your business from downtime today. Contact PCS today to find out more.