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Are you protecting your most valuable business asset?

In today's business world you can insure just about any catastrophe. You can replace your stock, your premises, your cars, and even your hardware almost overnight. But what would happen if you lost all the data on your computers, backups, and all?

Just think about it for a minute...

Data such as your accounts receivable, accounts payable, work in progress, quotes, client/patient, supplier databases, and historical data that you have built up over the years… all gone! Would your business survive?

Accidents DO happen...

Lightning strikes. Buildings burn. Flooding occurs. Thieves steal. Backups can, and do, fail. Yes, you could replace your computer system tomorrow. But how long would it take to re-create all the business data that your very livelihood depends on? Weeks? Months? What would be the cost? Do you have the systems in place and the paper trail that allows you to do it?

Did you know that it takes around twenty days and costs tens of thousands of dollars to re-type just 20MB of sales and accounting data?

PCS Remote Backup is the data protection solution for small to medium size organizations. PCS Remote Backup automates the backup process ensuring that critical data is always secure and available. A remote backup service is an important part of a responsible data protection plan. It can make sure that your business is safe from the kind of catastrophic failure that can destroy your records so easily.

A remote backup service allows you to protect your critical data against an unforeseen catastrophic loss by using an off-site facility. It eliminates the human error associated with all manual data protection systems, such as:

• Backups are rushed through without proper verification
• Backups are left in a drawer next to the computer, only to be wiped out in the same catastrophe
• No backups are created at all

How it Works

Each night, the following occurs, entirely automated:

1.) Your computer prepares a compressed backup which it then encrypts for security
2.) Your computer calls our remote backup server and sends its daily backup via the internet
3.) Your data files are now safely off-site in our storage facility.


PCS Remote Backup uses only the latest compression and encryption technology. Your securely encrypted data files cannot be accessed by any unauthorized party, not even us, because only you have the password and encryption key. The multiple layers of security in our system ensure that the only one who has access to your data is YOU!

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